About MYMP

MyMP is an initiative started in 2016 by MCCHR (Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights). Its first version listed all Malaysian MPs, enlisting volunteers to key in data about the MPs so the public could get to know their elected politicians better.

What’s you’re seeing now is version 2.0, a project started in September 2020, by a small team (Seah, Chak and Makerzone) of volunteers and developers working with MCCHR to focus on making the process of getting to know your MPs fun, and engaging. Not only are we tracking much more data than before, but we are also focused on presenting that data in different ways.

Our first project is what you see before you – 8 bit avatars for each MP, and an RPG-like stat tracking system based on objective, data and observations by a team of volunteers at MCCHR, Sinar Project and Undi18.

Moving forward, we hope to find new and better ways to present MP data to the public in a non-partisan manner, and to engage an active team of volunteers to maintain, and add to our data pool, to hold Malaysian politicians accountable now, and for the foreseeable future.