MYMP NFT Roadmap

1 APRIL 2022, PJ – We are happy today to announce MyMP’s NFT Auction, entitled “NOW, EVERYONE Can Buy MPs!”. We have secured 10 MPs for our first sale, available at our OpenSea page here for auction from 6pm on April 1st for exactly 7 days.

OpenSea Collection:

Discord Channel:

The purpose of this NFT sale is to raise funds to further develop MYMP throughout 2022, as detailed in our roadmap below.

Phase 1 – Pilot

This is where we’re at currently. We have already secured the permissions of 10 Malaysian MPs to sell their avatars on our first NFT sale. There will only be 10 NFTs in Phase 1 and 212 in Phase 2, only ONE NFT per Malaysian MP, with a floor price of 0.1ETH, to be Auctioned for 1 week on starting on April 2nd 2021. Here’s a list of the MPs who have agreed (we actually emailed ALL 220 MPs… Ahem), whose profiles will also now include a minted badge heheh.

These NFTs are incredibly exclusive, and carry special governance powers moving forward with our tokenomics targets of Phase 3 to influence the development of MyMP moving forward.



  • Update artwork to MPs specifications
  • Mint NFTs 


Phase 2 – Full Load

This is a continuation of Phase 1, expanding to the remaining of the 220 MPs.



  • Phase 1 sale complete
  • Proceed to upload all remaining MPs (with permissions)

If you’re an MP and you would like to participate in our program, please email us at [email protected]



  • Create reach goal targets with MPs (if you reach 1ETH, what will you do)
  • Virtual Launch Event for Now Everyone Can Buy MPs NFT Campaign
  • Media blitz (Press Release)
  • Onboard more MPs
  • Update artwork to MPs specifications


Phase 3 – Planning for Success

This phase kicks off immediately after the GE15 election. With each election cycle, the MPs will be redrawn and relaunched as a new NFT collection. Thus we will be drawing all 222 MPs again, with up to 10,000 NFTs [COL1] generated with a variety of outfits and appearances, sold at 0.01ETH, using a Blackbox method.

All funds will be diverted to GomenGames Sdn Bhd, the company we founded to run MyMP. While we will withdraw from our ETH account to FIAT regularly and transparently, no funds will be taken out of the company except running costs. and moderate salaries not exceeding USD2k per person per month for the first two years of operations.

3 months after the first sale of Phase 3, we will assess our revenue and adjust our targets according to the reach goals below.


Reach A (USD25,000)

  • Enhance current website, and maintain for 2022
  • Hire Volunteer and Data Executives
  • Increase datapoints on HANSARDS
  • Scraping program for HANSARD digitization


Reach B (USD50,000)

  • Begin work on Fantasy Parlimen Game
  • Token launch for NFT owners and volunteers
  • Update Stat counters for more interactivity
  • Data Visualisation functions – Compare MPs


Reach C (USD100,000)

  • Hire full-time dev team to work on Fantasy Parlimen game
  • Explore other blockchain possibilities with NFT
  • Hire more staff to enable ADUN tracking


Reach D (More than USD200,000)

  • Create MYMP Beats game
  • Hire franchise director
  • Expand staff for regional team
  • Franchise MyMP to Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore



Fantasy Parlimen

The Fantasy Parlimen game is basically taking the concept of sports-fantasy games, and utilizing that competitive behavior to get users to assemble a team of MPs that get the best progression throughout a year of parliament seatings.

  •  Each MP will have a price in VotePoints, based on their performance in the real world.
  •  Pro and Premium accounts will be made available, with a higher VotePoint budget. All Phase 1 and 2 NFTs will receive Premium accounts.
  • MPs will then be given or deducted points based on real-world conditions such as
    • + Asking questions in Parlimen
    • + Completing their contact information (socmed, service centre)
    • – Switching parties or alliances
    • – Getting arrested
    • – breaking pandemic SOPs
  • The scoring algorithm will be reviewed each year by consensus of Governance tokens issued to NFT owners

MyMP Beats

A rhythm-combat game where the MP needs to destroy obstacles in a side-scrolling level, according to beats of songs.

  • Players will get a low-level MP to start, and need to spend tokens to get better MPs
  • Phase 1 and 2 NFT Owners will get to start the game with their owned NFT (higher stats)
  • The higher your accumulated scores, the more songs and levels you will unlock
  • Each MP will have power-ups based on their scores e.g.
    • A high Availability score will allow them to have more ‘health’ in the game, to be hit by enemies and not die.
    • A high Transparency score will allow them to phase through a limited number of enemies, not disrupting their combos
    • A high Work Ethic score will increase score bonuses on each enemy hit
    • A high Loyalty score will increase scores each time the player plays the same song
    • A high Win-Ratio score will unlock higher difficulty levels and increase the amount of enemies on screen.