The Team

MyMPv2 is a joint collaboration with MCCHR and a group of volunteers (some paid). Here’s who we are 🙂

Project Lead – Chak

As the founder and former editor of, Chak comes from a background of wanting to make information more fun for the Malaysian public. Also, during MCO 2020, he was quite bored at home.

Project Supervisor – Seah

Project Supervisor – Mazni

Since joining MCCHR in 2013, Mazni manages and implements UndiMsia! projects such as the Empowerment of Orang Asli, IdolaDemokrasi and Sekolah Aktivisme. She also oversaw the original implementation of MYMP under UndiMsia!, and helped to secure funding for the current version of the site.

Official Intern – Surekha Gunasagaran

As our first badly paid intern, Surekha is on track (hopefully) to graduate with an external law degree at the University of London. Among other things, she helped MCCHR coordinate its volunteer efforts with BAC in 2020, has “her head above the grey clouds” and vows to serve justice.

Developer – Makerzone

Makerzone is a two-man team that was conceived with the idea to drive the maker space in Malaysia. Ok, so what are they doing programming our website? Well, today it has diversified in its service offerings from 3D printing, to integrating physical commodities with the internet of things, to development of software application and implementation.

8bit character designer – I-Van from

After 11 years in the academic world, I-Van has gone off to pursue creative content development with a small outfit of creatives making digital games, tabletop games and animated nonsense to entertain. He uses his keen sense of fun to create the cutest MP avatars you’re gonna see in Malaysia for a while to come.

BM copywriter – MK Zainal

MK was the first ever editor of In a previous life, he also worked with Teach For Malaysia, and more recently, Airasia. These days however, you can look to him for tiptop copywriting and translation services, which is, incidentally, how he’s helping MyMP as well. Cos the rest of the team BM a bit karat.