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MyMP financials for 2022-2023: Which political party funded us?

Hey guys,   Just in the spirit of transparency, here’s how we were funded, and spent money for our first full financial year. Yep. It’s not much. TBH our main (and only) funder up till March last year was our dear old friends at the Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR). Yes, the […]

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MyMP grew up, so we’re moving out. Introducing…

When we came up with the idea for an RPG-tracker for Malaysian politicians, we wanted to test the waters first, and thus myself and Seah decided that the path of least resistance would be teaming up with MCCHR. For those who don’t know, starting up a company can be quite a pain, and quite expensive, […]

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So, MACC just removed all previous asset declarations of MPs

Back in 2015, there were viral social media posts (which have since been removed) and news reports on MalaysiaKini and Cilisos that dissected the watches worn by our politicians. Some of the prices of these watches alone were going deep into 6-figures which raises questions as to how our politicians were able to afford them […]