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GE15: Were the dropped MPs better than the ones that were kept?

YES WE ARE ALIVEEEEE.  Sorry for the long hiatus. In the two months since the election, A LOT has happened.  We are in the midst of applying for a few grants that will keep us running this year. We’ve already gotten a renew on the MCCHR grant that started us out in 2020 🙂 (site […]

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MYMP launches its NFT campaign “Now everyone Can Buy MPs”

1 APRIL 2021, PJ – We are happy today to announce MyMP’s NFT Auction, entitled “NOW, EVERYONE Can Buy MPs!”. We have secured 10 MPs for our first sale, available at our OpenSea page for sale at 6pm April 1st 2022 here. This sale is effectively a fundraiser to run and further develop MyMP in […]

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So, MACC just removed all previous asset declarations of MPs

Back in 2015, there were viral social media posts (which have since been removed) and news reports on MalaysiaKini and Cilisos that dissected the watches worn by our politicians. Some of the prices of these watches alone were going deep into 6-figures which raises questions as to how our politicians were able to afford them […]