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PontengWatch: All parties improved in attendance, except PRS, MIC

So we’ve just updated the following info up to 30th November 2023 HANSARD motions and Parlimentary questions (Preevena, Ghaffur, Hafiz, Brandon1, Wun Shen, Farhanah, Mixsbobic, Yazid, Abner, Sophie and Haikal!) Attendance (adham!) Service Centre contacts and Socmed (Brandon, Sharifah, Rien, Depp, Zafir, Sunesha, Syawal and Zuliham)! Big shout out to our volunteers there – We […]

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GE15: Were the dropped MPs better than the ones that were kept?

YES WE ARE ALIVEEEEE.  Sorry for the long hiatus. In the two months since the election, A LOT has happened.  We are in the midst of applying for a few grants that will keep us running this year. We’ve already gotten a renew on the MCCHR grant that started us out in 2020 🙂 (site […]

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The kesian MyMP volunteers helping us track Malaysian politicians

MyMP might look like fun RPG, but the stats are real. Our goal was always to provide the public with an easy reference to the performance of their MP, and we wanted that to be based on objective data (nanti org kata DAPig ke, Cybertrooper ke)… While quite alot of MP data is made available […]