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PontengWatch: All parties improved in attendance, except PRS, MIC

So we’ve just updated the following info up to 30th November 2023

  • HANSARD motions and Parlimentary questions (Preevena, Ghaffur, Hafiz, Brandon1, Wun Shen, Farhanah, Mixsbobic, Yazid, Abner, Sophie and Haikal!)
  • Attendance (adham!)
  • Service Centre contacts and Socmed (Brandon, Sharifah, Rien, Depp, Zafir, Sunesha, Syawal and Zuliham)!

Big shout out to our volunteers there –

We also got our intern, Shreya to use the WayBack Machine to update Parliamentary committees back till 2018, which is pretty much when our records started. You can see what that looks like here.


So first off, to make things fun, we asked our HANSARD volunteers to start looking out for funny stuff, and BOY did they not disappoint. We’re definitely keeping this as a volunteer activity, because it is social media gold! E.g. you won’t believe how many MPs are a-rappin on stage yo…

But what else did we find out?


Here’s a list of MP attendance since the new government took over.

We’re happy to report that average attendance is at 88.45%, one of the highest points since the 15th Parlimen convened for the first time in Nov21.

As usual, Syed Saddiq makes it an easy 100% for MUDA once again, while MIC (MP Saravanan, we’re looking at you) is still struggling to get to class every day.

But Saravanan isn’t the only one under 50% attendance. Here are the others..

There are 11 MPs who don’t have even 50% attendance

Out of 84 sessions we monitored, passing mark is 42. So technically, our new PMX barely passes… but we thought you might be interested in his P7 in attendance. In fact, PMX might wanna attend a few more sessions, cos even Sabri and Mahiadin (Muhyiddin) had better attendance figures before PRU15.

In total, there were 11 MPs with less than 50% attendance, which is way less than the 27 MPs that failed attendance from PRU14. So it’s great, cos things are improving. In that bottom, you can still see Hadi Awang, who definitely has the worst attendance of any party leader, even worse than MIC. Thankfully, PAS is performing very well, with 91.47% average attendance!

Zahid Hamidi is only slightly better with 29 out of 84 sessions, although UMNO doesn’t seem to have as high standards, with a 86.31% average attendance… which by the way is still way better than their 70+% average pre-PRU15. Interestingly, LGE’s replacement as Penang Chief Minister had a pretty poor showing, with the lowest attendance of all, at 27/84 sessions. Of course, the job of a chief minister does in itself take quite a bit of time away from the city centre, but perhaps that might be something to consider in terms of representation for the people of Batu Kawan in future? As a direct comparison, Lim Guan Eng has exemplary attendance, although during his time as Finance Minister, no other minister would be as ofoten required to attend parlimen.

Here’s how all parties compare before and after PRU15

So we took an annual average for all parties to see how their attendance compared with their new shiny candidates after PRU15. And we gotta say, most parties are doing better. BERSATU has made huge strides in improving their work ethic (being opposition sometimes does that), while PKR and DAP had a negligible decrease (being gomen sometimes does that). Overall tho, average attendance has gone up 5-7% across the board, which is great to hear.

This is where MIC’s M Saravanan’s performance gets even more painful. The parties with 100% here are generally parties with only one MP, and of those types of parties, MIC’s sole candidate is barely making a dent, and he’s not even in the government, so it’s not like he has better things to do?

As always thanks to our volunteers!

We’ve been blessed that everytime we want to input data, there are always volunteers raring to go. This time, we decided to give them a nice thank you in the form of customised avatars of their MP of choice, complete with scanable live stats!

Thanks guys! We couldn’t have done it without you. If you’d like to join our madcap bunch of volunteers, do drop your details at as usual 🙂

Oh and if you think you’d like to buy one of these, let us know at [email protected] 🙂

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